The engineering department at Palmer Manufacturing utilizes several different software packages including AutoCAD, MathCAD and Advanced Pressure Vessel to assure accurate and dependable designs for any application. Vessels designed by Palmer Manufacturing may include wind and seismic loadings, mixer and agitator loadings, and external loadings such as flooded conditions.

If your operation requires heating or cooling the contents of the tank, Palmer Manufacturing can design a system that may include several types of insulation, steam coils, heat panels, and plate coils to benefit your process.


Computer Aided Design And Manufacture

Computer Aided Design And Manufacture is one of the many benefits that the computer age has brought us.

Palmer Manufacturing now offers you this new, exciting technology as applied to tank Engineering, through our state of art CADAM (Computer Aided Design And Manufacture) system.

This system gives our engineers unlimited options and flexibility in designing your fiberglass tank, providing them with a very sophisticated tool to consider in depth all the aspects of tank engineering and manufacture.

Palmer's CADAM system has been closely designed around the sound and long established scientific concepts, both dynamic and static aspects, of fluid and materials mechanics and structural design. Our system also allows for the incorporation of our customers particular data, allowing our engineers to tailor each and every tank we build to the specific needs of every customer.

With the use of the CADAM system, our engineers can examine in minute detail critical characteristics of each tank such as axial loading, hoop loading, biaxial loading and torsional loading. Flexural modulus, tensile modulus and shear modulus are also some of the other parameters that can be effectively processed within this program.

The system was installed with the purpose of better serving our clientele. All print outs plus engineering drawings are available to each customer upon confirmation of the order.




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