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Fiberglass Tanks

Vertical Flat Bottom Tanks
Vertical fiberglass tanks can be open tops, or can be enclosed with dome, dished or conical top. Any vertical fiberglass tank manufactured by Palmer Mfg. can be fitted with an internal sloped bottom.

Vertical Leg Tanks
Vertical leg tanks are manufactured with open top or enclosed with dished, domed or conical top. They can also be fitted with dome bottoms with a 30" clearance, as well as a cone bottom. The smaller tanks are built with angle iron legs while the larger tanks have I-beam legs.

Horizontal Tanks
Like a Palmer vertical fiberglass tank, the horizontal tank is constructed in the same manner. The ends are domed or dished to provide a better distribution of weight and added strength. The horizontal tank can be mounted on carbon steel, concrete or polyurethane foam filled fiberglass cradles. Unless otherwise specified or unless site locations require otherwise, Polyurethane foam filled cradles are considered standard on fiberglass tanks. They are glassed to the tank.

To meet your industrial and commercial needs, the crew at Palmer Mfg. can field erect fiberglass sectional tanks on location.
Sectional tanks are manufactured at our plant and transported to the job site. All appurtenances are field installed by our experienced field crews, who have over ten years experience installing sectional fiberglass tanks.