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Fiberglass Tanks providing exceptional storage value

We are a leading tank manufacturing company in the industry. We are professional, experienced and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Steel Tanks of the highest quality and craftsmanship

We are committed to the highest quality, reliability, responsibility, continuous improvement.

A complete line of accessories

We can provide additional tank accessories to complete your tank battery installation.

Offering the best level
of excellence in tank fabrication

Customer Service

Palmer Manufacturing and Tank is committed to designing and fabricating premium quality products while minimizing the time elapsed between order origination and vessel delivery.



We are known for our high quality products in the tank industry. While most companies specialize in steel or fiberglass, we have the uniqueness of specializing in both.



Palmer Mfg has a fleet of trucks (equipped with cranes) to provide our customers with timely, cost efficient delivery and setup anywhere in the USA



Palmer engineers work actively with suppliers to insure top quality products and state of the art designs....

industry standards

We have adopted a system which incorporates the
most modern, automated processes.

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We have numerous tanks and various storage solutions in stock for your oil, ag or fuel related storage needs