Manways provide an access to your tank at your convenience, and are available in a vast number of sizes. They range from a 18" manway to a 36" manway. Palmer has three main styles of manways: Bolted manway, hinged manway, and a manway with a davit arm. Shown are the two most requested.

Hinged Manways


A hinged manway provides quick access and security. Along with the hinge, the manyway lid can be bolted to the flange with 12 to 36 bolts and also has a place for a padlock.


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Bolted Manways


A Bolted manway provides access along with security. It can have between 23 and 36 bolts, depending on the size. This manway comes standard with a blind, bolts ans standard gasket. If a special gasket is reqired, consult factory.

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Manway extensions are used for underground tanks. It can be fitted with a bolted, hinged, or davit arm manway.


Bolted Manway

Hinged Manway

Davit Arm