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Fiberglass Flanges

Palmer's flanges are hand-laid, one-piece construction using the same resin as the tank liner. Flanges are available in sizes from 1" to 24" and will be permanently bonded to the tank wall at any location on the shell or heads as needed. Different styles are available depending on the required service. Fiberglass flanges are designed for light to moderate use. Can be used on any tank, depending on placement and type of operation. We recommend that all flanges 6" and smaller have some type of reinforced gusset.

Steel Flanges

Palmer's steel flanges are also constructed of high-quality carbon steel. Flanges are available in sizes from 1" to 24" and can be permanently welded to the tank wall. Flanges can be placed anywhere on the shell or heads. Flanges are available in the style which is dependent on your use. Most of Palmer's steel flanges will not have any type of gusset or reinforcement, unless it is required by the owner. This is due to the strength and durability of the steel flange. If some type of reinforcement is needed, a blade gusset can be installed to meet your requirements.

Steel Flanges are manufactured from high-quality carbon steel, or any desired steel. When mounted as a drain, they are flush for complete drainage. Half couplings are recommended for venting purposes. If internal piping is needed, full couplings must be used


Blade Gussets

Reinforced with fiberglass or steel plates running the length of the flange extension. Blade gussets are recommended for moderate-to-heavy applications

Conical Gussets

Reinforced with a fiberglass molded cone that is permanently bonded to the tank wall. Conical gussets are molded to the nozzle neck to allow unrestricted access to the bolt circle of the flange.