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Palmer Mfg. uses several types of insulation: polyurethane foam, spray or board, and bat insulation. All three provide thermal protection and temperature retention. Two (2) inches of insulation followed by a 100 mil fiberglass overcoat for polyurethane foam and two (2) inches of insulation with an aluminum jacket for protection for bat insulation is our standard.

Palmer and Hotfoil stress the need for correct and accurate temperature control of all system's (system panels, tapes, coils, etc.) control boxes with two thermostats that give a simple and reliable form of temperature control. We offer a total custom package for each application. Experienced in all facets of industry ensures systems reliability.


The heating of tanks to maintain the contents at specific temperatures can be done with heating tape, heating cable, plate coils and heating panels. Palmer Tank has used to Hotfoil type ELP heating panels because of their ease of installation, superb quality and earned reputation. The ELP panels are installed directly on the tank under the thermal insulation. The heaters are thermostatically controlled to regulate and maintain temperatures in the tank. Our expert personnel who have years of experience do in-shop installation. The procedures laid down by our enineering department are rigidly adhered to so that our high standards are retained. For in-place installation, on-site heating kits are available from us or Hotfoil with easy to follow instructions.

Installation by experienced heat trace professionals keeps you on line - Although heat panels and cable are easy to install, many companies prefer to have our expert project engineer and trained technicians complete the installation of all elements, controls, and insulation so that their own staff can attend to other tasks. Installers follow the written procedure developed by our engineers and adhere to the safety and quality standards defined by our rigorous Quality Assurance Program.