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Horizontal Tanks

Horizontal vessels are available for many services. These vessels are designed and constructed with premium quality materials to insure a long and valuable service life. A majority of the vessels are built complete on site before shipping to the customer. Listed below are some of the options and combinations available.

Vertical Flat Bottom Tanks

Vertical fiberglass tanks can be open tops, or can be enclosed with dome, dished or conical top. Any vertical fiberglass tank manufactured by Palmer Mfg. can be fitted with an internal sloped bottom.

Vertical Elevated Tanks

Vertical leg tanks are manufactured with open top or enclosed with dished, domed or conical top. They can also be fitted with dome bottoms with a 30" clearance, as well as a cone bottom. The smaller tanks are built with angle iron legs while the larger tanks have I-beam legs.

Underground Tanks

Underground horizontal tanks have dished ends and will also have exterior ribs for support and ridigity. Most capacities are figured for a straight shell; dished heads are usually not figured into the capacity of the tank.

Multi-Piece Tanks

Sectional tanks are manufactured at the Palmer plant, transported to the job site and installed by our experienced field crews.

Palmer has tank sizes to meet your needs. These tanks range from 23,000 gallons to 248,000 gallons.

A typical tank fabricated with a conical shaped roof can be installed in as little as 8 weeks.


The standpipe is constructed of high quality A36 carbon steel per API 620. Once the size and thickness has been determined, highly qualified welders begin welding and can have the tank completed in as little as 30 days. The standpipe is then primed at our shop and loaded on a trailer designed and developed by Palmer for transporting the oversized and odd length tanks.